Hunters of wild boars and other hunters:

Hunters of wild boars and other hunters:
  • First: every year you kill someone: a mushrooms searcher, another hunter... some unfortunate poor person that happened to be arround... Perhaps one day it will be me.
  • Second: your activity is tremendously aggressive, not only for the dead animals, but for the rest of the fauna and the human beings that do other activities in the forest. The whole forest remains monopolized by your small group of persons.
  • Third: because of the mythical lunches that you have before taking the shotgun, always accompanied with much wine.
  • Quart: because you used to contaminate with the lead, and now you still do it with the used cartridges that we often find in the paths.
  • Fifth: because you receive the firearms license as a simple formality. You just need to pay. Any person who pays can have a weapon at home.
  • Sixth: because you treat your dogs like inanimate objects.
  • Seventh: because all that verbiage of "there are too many wild boards" it is true, but any person knows that the demographic roof of a species is determined by the way where it lives and its adaptation to the environment. Never by the human capacity to hunt them (unless they are entirely exterminated). If there is population of one thousand, and hundred are hunted down, in one year it will be one thousand specimens again. If you really would like to reduce the population, you should capture living animals, sterilize them, and return them to their ambiance. But, it seens that it wouldn't be as entertaining as blowing up with shots a stressed animal because of the dogs and the screams...
  • Eighth: and more important. The hunting has been a habitual activity in the whole history of the humanity. Before the neolithic, as a way of survival, later on, as a complement of their nourishment. From one certain moment (middle age, for instance)., it has been an activity reserved to the social elite (and poachers who kept on needing the complement of their nourishment). Until a very few years ago, the hunting was still fulfilling these functions. But: what now? Now the hunting is a pure entertainment. A tradition, a diversion. So, in short, you are people who enjoys killing living animals. You like KILLING.
Yesterday, raising to Sant Aniol of Finestres, we heard several shotguns and dogs barking. Some very close. We started chatting laud all the time just in case they wouldn't confuse us with a wild boar. In a certain moment, at approximately hundred meters ahead of us in the way, it suddenly appears a female wild boar and four quite adult piglets (still with half stripped furry). They were fleeing of the shots. If we had been a few meters ahead, and we would have meet face to face, what would the wild board have done? In a normal situation, it would have fled. But in that state, excited and nervous, with offspring, I just don't know what would have happened.
But also, frankly, I must say that to see those animals running, provoked a sensation of admiration to me. The wild boar is an animal very common and despised by our culture. But they were venerated animals in ancient civilizations for its vigour and courage. In a few seconds they have fled beech groove below, but this few seconds have been enought for me to admire this impressive animal.

And now hunters, wild board hunters, if you have the guts, why don't you hunt them with a lance? You don't dare, you cowards? If you don't have all the chances to win, it wouldn't be that amusing, right?