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dissabte, 12 de desembre de 2009

Hispania (English)

I lost the first scenes, but I followed almost every the chapter.

There are several things that displeased me: superflat and very predictable characters, some of the actors, especially the youngsters, I believe that they go a little fair performer (even the young boy speaks a little eating letters, which gives him|her a very contemporary accent). I do not know if it is that they do not work this aspect|look, or they do not have time|weather, or I do not know...
At level more tiquis-miquis, the falcates were from those that they buy of remembrance|souvenir... I have one that it|he|she filters more... :)
Tambien a small shared disappointment with my friend: in the trailer, it|he|she seemed that the Romans pushed|threw pilums before loading. And not! They were archers, and not pilums... pity... I suppose that it|he|she costs more a nailed pilum in special effects than an arrow.
The things that displeased me more... Then in a basic way they have with the Manicheism of the hyphen|script to do.
First, the Iberians, lusitans, Celts, and any other similar people|village... They are its|his|her|their arms more than its|his|her|their life insurance is, are a part of its|his|her|their status of peasants-warriors. They would never give them unless they were forced to extremely and for|because of|from|out of the force|strength. And this that they call|shout: "Pau! Pau! "It|He seemed too much forced to me. Not even that they were an ONG. What I have said: too much flat, the lusitans are too much "good".
Second, right in the end, when Galba makes its|his|her|their own soldiers pull the eyes out. This of showing that the bad person is very bad in basis from being violent with its|his|her|their own people... then it|he|she is from the more seen and easy one.
And third, when Viriat captures the woman of Galba... Looking at the scene, he|she|it thought: "Please, that it|he|she kills it|her! "Or "At least, that they exchange it|her for the prisoners... "Man! That they have just killed it|him|her to the daughter! But no, Viriat is a noble warrior and does not hurt in the women... Puff... that more disappointing situation...
I, in a sincere way, believe that an a little bad protagonist would glue|hook the people more... Or at least it|he|she would be more credible...

But, in general, the effort is sensed a lot. The roman army, the setting in general... The scene of the annihilation/betrayal is sensed|felt a considerable technical effort. I liked it|him|her.
I am the type of lusità village unaware, in a sincere way. It can be that it|he|she was how they show it (circular huts, in the plan, spreading). The Iberian cities were this, cities, with its|his|her|their walls, posts|squares, streets... Although it is a certain that there were people|villages and hamlets, but it|he|she did not seem the case since it|he|she was where the boss|head lived. But I already recognize it, of the lusitans I do not know very.

In general: I give him|her a high pass mark. It|He|She had been one remarkable if they had allowed to to the scriptwriters to make better characters. At the level of Galba and its|his|her|their woman, or of the trader of the people|village, that they are the that more game|set they have (besides being a lot of bén interpreted). I believe that it had been much better to start, a vulgar petty thief, which for things of the life becomes the respected leader, with a rather evil or amoral Viriat.

By the way: the warrior is always the "nobleman" and the trader the "betrayer"... And this that we live in a company|society based on the trade... Has, there is... Another commonplace more...

And to end|finish, and without spirit of political controversy and not at all for|because of|from|out of the style (it|he|she is not an irony, I really suggest|say it): more that Hispania... Should Lusitania not be titled?